Transamerica Capital


Transamerica Capital, Inc. (TCI), a well-recognized financial services provider, was looking to improve its print and fulfillment management capabilities while maintaining its year over year growth. Transamerica Capital understood that in order for the company to remain focused on what it does best, it needed to partner with a firm that had similar expertise in the print procurement supply chain with the ability to integrate technology solutions to accommodate TCI’s anticipated growth.


After gaining a thorough understanding of TCI’s products and needs as a foundation for helping to set objectives, the RR Donnelley team performed a detailed evaluation of the existing workflow. They then developed a single-source provider solution that would meet TCI’s objectives and deliver results. Working within the requirements to make a seamless transition to the new, consolidated print production and fulfillment workflow, RR Donnelley:


The new model for managing print procurement and production produced immediate results, reducing print and fulfillment spending by $1.1 million in the first year, even as sales volumes grew. Spoilage and disposal decreased by 80 percent. The vastly reduced need for inventories cut average monthly warehousing costs by 70 percent, and the company virtually eliminated fulfillment errors.

“With the right partner, managing your print and fulfillment activities can drive immediate and significant savings.

RR Donnelley has shown a sincere desire for Transamerica to succeed, and their commitment to process improvement, technology-based solutions and quality continues to create value for our organization.” Mike Mathies, Vice President, Marketing

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